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HOH Series Review













Specialized review of Hogller Cooling element / HOH series


HOH series of Hogller cooling element is among useful and well-made equipment manufactured in Germany. That is used in applications in which fluid temperature is higher than permissible temperature tolerated by pressure sensor. This equipment is used as a side accessory attached to pressure sensor in many high temperature industrial applications for Oil & gas industry, steam pressure measurement, hydraulics and pneumatics, hydrostatic level measurement, and food processing industries.






HOH series body is made of robust, high quality stainless steel 304, which brings stability and resistance for these series.
















Process Connection


In the lower part of the cooling element, a male thread pressure port G 1/4" for connection to the process is seen. At the upper part there is also a female thread pressure port G 1/4" used to connect to the sensor. Other kinds of mechanical connections are available in case of customization.








































In HOH series, the temperature decreases through air circulation and heat radiation in order not to exceed the allowed level for the sensor, and to decrease any possible thermal errors.

If environment’s temperature is higher than that of the fluid, cooling can be used as well to heat very cold fluids.




HOH cooling can be used non-stop for fluids up to 160 °C, and 15 minutes for 180 °C ones.




Totally, Hogller has considered high quality as well as ideal function, delicacy, and well set design for HOH series. That is why HOH series are ideal and reliable to be used in harsh industrial and high temperature environments.

It is to be mentioned that all Hogller cooling series have one year warranty.

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